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Sara Leibman



Sara Leibman is an artist and a lyricist in the Washington DC area. She creates her art at Studio B in Bethesda, Maryland.


Sara primarily paints with oil and cold wax, but sometimes incorporates different media, including collage and yupo paper into her work. She tells stories with her art -- about women's struggles to keep their identities, about children lost to gun violence, about the wreckage man can make of the earth, and about the beauty the earth still offers us.  


A few years ago, Sara began storytelling in a more concrete fashion -- by writing lyrics and poetry. Her first song idea came to her in a dream, and the next morning she wrote the lyrics to “Bitter Sun,” a heartbreaking lament about the struggle soldiers endure to retain their faith – in both religion and mankind. On many occasions since then, Sara has woken in the middle of the night and scribbled down the words brought to her in dreams.


Sara has participated in many art shows and her paintings and collages are currently exhibited across the country in dozens of collections. She was the featured monthly artist in October 2014 for the Women Caucus for Art, and has won several awards for her paintings. 


On the music side of things, Sara has found a group of composers, producers, and performers who understand her attempts to describe the music she envisions accompanying her lyrics. They each add their own creative touches, and the results have been magnificent. The first song Sara ever wrote, “Bitter Sun,” received a second place award in American Songwriter’s November/December 2013 Lyrics Contest. In 2018, David Massey, a musician in Washington DC, released a new CD, "Late Winter Light," on which he included one of Sara's s songs, "Just Another Day (in Gun Town USA)".

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